As a little girl, i  absolutely loved dreaming up design concepts and creating pretty things! My love for all things crafty has stayed with me, and i am lucky enough to have evolved this passion into my business.

Exclusively Yours was born, when several of my close friends were arranging their weddings, and we're uninspired by the decoration their venues had to offer. Sensing i could help, i offered to style their venues for them, using their ideas and combining them with my own creative concepts.

The feedback i received from my friends and family, and the venues i styled, was so overwhelmingly positive, i was surprised.... but absolutely thrilled! I decided there and then that i was going to go for it and set up my own business providing venue styling and bespoke stationery for events, and the rest is history!

I am so passionate about what i offer, and i would love nothing more than to create the perfect setting & ambience for your big day!